The Impact of COVID-19 on Personal Injury Claims in Florida

  • July 08, 2023
  • 1 minutes

The novel coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on many industries, including the practice of personal injury law in the state of Florida. The effects of COVID-19 have been felt by personal injury lawyers as they attempt to navigate the changing landscape of legal cases in the wake of the virus.

In the state of Florida, personal injury lawyers are responsible for filing and negotiating claims on behalf of injured parties or those who have had their rights violated in some way. Personal injury cases typically involve compensation for losses caused by negligence or intentional misconduct. The ability for victims to pursue their claims through the courts has been drastically altered by the virus, as many courts have been operating on a limited capacity or have been completely shut down due to the need for social distancing.

Because of the drastic changes, personal injury lawyers have had to adjust their strategies when it comes to filing, negotiating, and settling personal injury cases. Legal proceedings have been delayed and many cases have been resolved through virtual mediation rather than traditional court hearings. Negotiations between lawyers and insurance companies have become more challenging, as the insurance companies are now asking for higher levels of proof in order to support claims.

The impact of the pandemic on personal injury cases is not limited to the court system. It has also affected the ability of victims to receive necessary medical care. The rise in cases across the country has placed a strain on healthcare resources, making it more difficult for injured parties to receive treatment. Additionally, the lack of non-essential services due to the virus has resulted in a decrease in wages for many people, making it even more challenging for victims to pay for necessary medical treatments or legal fees.

The novel coronavirus has created a new set of challenges for personal injury lawyers in Florida. Despite these challenges, experienced attorneys are still able to successfully represent their clients and seek justice for them. These attorneys understand the nuances of the law and the need to adapt in order to navigate the changing landscape of legal cases due to the pandemic. It is important for victims to retain experienced lawyers in order to protect their rights and seek the compensation they deserve.

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