Personal injuries sustained at Florida's theme parks: What you need to know

  • June 09, 2023
  • 1 minutes

Florida’s theme parks boast of thousands of visitors every day, but they also carry a heightened risk of personal injury due to their often-dizzying rides, dazzling shows, and exotic wildlife encounters. Unfortunately, negligence of the park operators often results in visitors sustaining personal injuries. This post will explain what you need to know about personal injuries at Florida’s theme parks.

The first thing to understand about personal injuries at Florida’s theme parks is the two-pronged approach to filing a claim: negligence and product liability. Negligence is when a person or organization fails to exercise reasonable care, resulting in injury to another. Product liability, on the other hand, is when a defective product causes injury or harm. Both are important to consider when filing a personal injury claim against a theme park.

The second thing to understand is that filing a personal injury claim against a theme park requires an understanding of Florida’s premises liability laws. These laws establish the legal duty of a landowner or occupier to ensure that the premises are safe for visitors, and if not, to adequately warn them of any potential hazards. If an injury is sustained due to a hazardous condition, the theme park may be held liable for the victim’s damages.

The third thing to understand is that the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Florida is four years. This means that a person must file a claim within four years of the date of the injury. If they fail to do so, they will likely be barred from recovering damages.

Finally, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the evidence needed to prove both negligence and product liability. Negligence claims require proof that the park failed to exercise reasonable care, while product liability claims require proof that the product or equipment was defective. It’s also important to gather evidence of the injury, such as medical bills, to prove that damages were sustained.

In conclusion, sustaining a personal injury at a Florida theme park can be a difficult and overwhelming experience, but understanding the legal process and gathering the necessary evidence may help you obtain the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been injured at a theme park and are considering filing a personal injury claim, it’s important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who can help guide you through the process.

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