About 1-800-Injured

1-800-Injured presents itself as a unique legal service for personal injury victims, integrating a robust network of experienced attorneys ready to advocate for clients across various states. The company operates as a medical and legal referral service, which is a significant distinction from traditional law firms. This model is designed to streamline the process of connecting victims with personal injury lawyers who are equipped to fight for the compensation their clients deserve.

One of the standout features of 1-800-Injured is their commitment to providing personalized attention to each case. The company emphasizes the importance of trust, and their approach to fostering this is through transparent and honest communication. This is crucial for clients who are navigating the often complex and overwhelming aftermath of an injury.

The service is particularly helpful for those who are not familiar with personal injury law and may feel intimidated by the prospect of dealing with insurance companies or legal proceedings. By offering free consultations, 1-800-Injured removes the barrier of entry for seeking legal advice, allowing victims to understand their options without any financial commitment. This aspect is likely to be appreciated by potential clients who are already facing financial strain due to medical bills and lost wages.

1-800-Injured also prides itself on the caliber of lawyers within their network. With accolades such as "Best Lawyers in America" and top ratings from various legal associations, the company ensures that clients are represented by attorneys with a proven track record of success. This is reassuring for clients who are looking for competent legal representation that can increase the chances of a favorable settlement.

While the company does not handle legal cases directly, it serves as an intermediary that connects clients with attorneys. The benefit of this is that clients can access a wide range of legal professionals who specialize in different areas of personal injury law, from car accidents to wrongful death cases. However, it's important for clients to understand that 1-800-Injured's role is to facilitate this connection rather than to represent them in court.

The service is particularly adept at handling a variety of injury cases, and their website lists an extensive array of accident types they cover, which is informative for clients seeking specific legal aid. However, potential clients should be aware that the success of their case will ultimately depend on the individual attorney they are connected with through the service.

In conclusion, 1-800-Injured offers a valuable service for those seeking legal help after an injury. Their approach to client care, coupled with access to a network of acclaimed legal professionals, positions them as a noteworthy option for personal injury victims. While the company acts more as a connector than a traditional law firm, its dedication to client advocacy and transparent communication provides a solid foundation for those in need of legal assistance.

Products and Services

1-800-Injured offers a comprehensive network of specialized personal injury lawyers providing free case evaluations on a contingency fee basis, ensuring clients only pay if they win, and connects accident victims with necessary medical services, covering a range of incidents from car and truck accidents to slips and falls.

Personal Injury Lawyer Network

Access to a network of experienced personal injury lawyers ready to fight for compensation after an accident.

Free Case Review

Offering a free consultation to discuss personal injury situations with legal professionals and get honest answers about the case.

Contingency Fee Basis

Clients only pay for the legal services if they win the case, aligning the attorney's incentives with the client's success.

Car Accident Representation

Specializing in legal representation for victims of car accidents to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.


  • Operates across various states, providing a wide reach for personal injury legal services

  • Handles a broad spectrum of personal injury cases, from accidents to workers' compensation

  • Boasts a team of experienced attorneys ready to assist with comprehensive legal needs


  • As a legal referral service, the experience may vary depending on the assigned attorney

Getting Started

After signing up with 1-800-Injured, clients will be connected with experienced attorneys who specialize in a range of personal injury cases. The service streamlines the process of finding legal representation and offers a free consultation to discuss your case. To initiate your legal journey, contact 1-800-Injured via their website. If this service doesn't match your requirements, other ranked firms are available for consideration.