About The Hickey Law Firm

The Hickey Law Firm, based in Miami, Florida, stands out in the crowded field of personal injury lawyers with its unique approach to client relationships and an impressive track record of securing significant settlements for its clients. With over 60 years of combined experience in practicing law, the firm brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, particularly in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death.

One of the firm's distinguishing features is its leadership; lead attorney John H. (Jack) Hickey has not only led the Miami Dade County Bar Association but also serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Justice Association and the Board of Governors of the American Association for Justice. This level of involvement in the legal community demonstrates a commitment to the profession that goes beyond individual cases.

The Hickey Law Firm is particularly specialized in handling catastrophic cases with life-changing injuries. This specialization is critical for clients who are facing the most severe and long-term consequences following an accident. The firm's focus on catastrophic injuries means they bring a depth of understanding to these cases that can be crucial in securing appropriate compensation for their clients.

Clients of The Hickey Law Firm benefit from a team-based approach to their cases. Each client is assigned two lawyers and two paralegals, ensuring a level of personal attention that may not be available at larger firms. This approach ensures that clients are not just a number but a valued part of the team working on their behalf.

The firm's success is reflected in their case results, with multiple multimillion-dollar settlements and awards. These results are a testament to the firm's aggressive representation and deep understanding of maritime and admiralty law—a niche area of personal injury law that requires specialized knowledge.

Furthermore, the firm operates on a contingency basis, meaning clients pay nothing unless the firm recovers compensation on their behalf. This fee structure is beneficial for clients who may already be facing financial strain due to their injuries.

While The Hickey Law Firm boasts many strengths, prospective clients should always conduct their own due diligence. The firm's focus on catastrophic injuries means that those with less severe injuries may wish to consider firms with a broader personal injury practice. Additionally, the firm's expertise in maritime law is a significant advantage for those with related cases but may be less relevant for others.

In summary, The Hickey Law Firm's dedication to personal attention, its leadership in the legal community, and its impressive case results make it a noteworthy choice for individuals in Miami and beyond who have suffered serious injuries and are seeking just compensation.

Products and Services

The Hickey Law Firm offers specialized legal representation for victims of maritime, cruise ship, and vehicle accidents, as well as medical malpractice on ships, with a strong focus on personal attention and a deep understanding of Maritime Law to ensure justice and compensation for life-changing injuries.

Cruise Ship Accidents

Legal representation for individuals who sustained injuries or trauma while on a cruise, with extensive experience in claims against major cruise lines.

Maritime Personal Injury

Specialized legal services for catastrophic maritime personal injuries, handling a wide range of accidents on water with expertise in Maritime Law.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Comprehensive legal support for victims of car, motorcycle, truck, or bus accidents, including complex injury claims and negotiations with insurance companies.

Medical Malpractice on Ships

Advocacy for victims of medical malpractice occurring on cruise ships, ensuring medical professionals on board are held accountable for negligence.


  • Renowned for handling complex injury claims and maritime claims, both in Florida and nationwide

  • A track record of securing multiple 7- and 8-figure verdicts and settlements

  • Personalized client care with a team-oriented approach to each case


  • Highly specialized focus may not cater to all types of personal injury cases

Getting Started

The Hickey Law Firm provides specialized legal representation for catastrophic cases with life-changing injuries. Upon signing up, clients can expect a team of experienced attorneys to work on their case, offering personal attention and a commitment to securing favorable outcomes. The firm's focus includes maritime law, personal injury, and various other practice areas. For a start, contact The Hickey Law Firm through their website to schedule a free case review. If the firm doesn't suit your needs, more options are available in our rankings.